Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hot Author of the Week

Hello again! Today's post is a little bit late at night, but I have been busy today :) What I want to do for this post in the future would be to have an author give us a little bit of detail about themselves, their books, etc in a sort of guest post, but I am still new so not many authors are willing to do that yet. I have signed up for a book tour so I hope that I am picked as one of the blogs that will be able to be a part of it. Wish Me Luck.

As for the Hot Author of the Week for this week we will continue as with previous Saturday's where I introduce a new to me author that I have fallen in love with.

My new author of the week is S.T. Bende who is the writer of several series including The Elsker Saga and The Aere Saga. I found this author through a FaceBook group that I am a part of and fell in love with her series based around the Norse Gods.

I have loved mythology for as long as I can remember and most books that incorporate mythology into their story line are pretty good to me. Though I admit there are a few flops out there. If you have not read anything by S.T. Bende take a minute to look over a few of her books and you will see why I have come to love this author.

If you are an author and are interested in guest hosting a post telling about yourself please contact me and I will get all the information you need to know.

Hope your New Year is starting out right!