Sunday, January 3, 2016

Book Boyfriend of the Week

I have been reading many things recently, but I have also been re-reading a couple of my favorites so that I can leave reviews for them. Recently I started re-reading the Relentless Trilogy in preparation for the release of Warrior (Nikolas's POV). So as you may guess, my current book boyfriend is Nikolas.

The first introduction of Nikolas comes from Chapter 4 of the first book in the trilogy Relentless. I found myself gazing into a pair of steel gray eyes...My eyes moved up his handsome face taking in his square jaw, firm lips, aquiline nose, and black hair that fell across his brow in careless waves with a few strands curling around his ears. His skin was lightly tanned, and the shadow of a beard played around the curves of his jaw.

I am super excited to see this series from Nikolas' point of view because I think it will give even more depth and understanding to the character that we may not have had before. Nikolas is not known for sharing his feelings easily so being able to literally crawl inside his mind and find out what he was thinking during some of my favorite scenes will be an awesome adventure.

Can't wait until September 6, 2016 when this new novel will be released, but I am sure it will absolutely be worth the wait! Who is your current book boyfriend? Also what is your opinion of POV books like this one that will retell the story, but from the other persons perspective?