Sunday, January 10, 2016

Book Boyfriend of the Week

Recently I have begun reading S.T. Bende's Elsker Saga. I have fallen in love with the Norse mythology that is described in these stories. Because of this I can absolutely say that I have fallen in love with the male lead, Ull Myhr.

The first description of Ull comes from Chapter 2, page 19, when Kristia is in the museum before she knows who he is.

     My eye-level hit at his chest where a dark sweater barely concealed the muscles of a well-defined torso. His thumbs rested casually in his pockets, and his arms strained against the sweater. I looked up, and up some more, until I finally reached his face. He stood a whole head above even the tallest visitor in the museum, and I was ashamed to admit, my jaw opened just a little as I took in his features.

     A shock of touseld, blond hair rested atop an exquisitely-sculpted face. He had eyes as blue as a cloudless sky, cheekbones as chiseled as pictures I'd seen of the Alps, and lips the pale pink of my grandmother's roses. His jaw was square and strong with a hint of stubble, and his nose looked like it was lifted off a Roman statue.

If you have not read this series I would highly recommend it, but until then let me know who your current book boyfriend is.