Sunday, December 20, 2015

Book Boyfriend of the Week

I am absolutely obsessed with the Atlantis Grail Series by Vera Nazarian. So this week's book boyfriend would have to Aeson "Kass" Kassiopei.

When Kass is first described you only start to get a picture of who he is. (Description taken from Chapter 8 of Qualify when Command Pilot Aeson Kass is introduced):

He has an overwhelming presence even if there are Atlantean's who are larger than him. Kass has light bronze skin, striking chiseled features. He has longish golden hair, of a washed-out metallic hue that seems a shade lighter than the others. He is an older teen. His expression is a perfect blank mask, hard and impassive. His eyes framed by dark brows and a find tracing of kohl, are fierce blue lapis. his lips are held in a tight slightly disdainful smile.

The grey uniform sits well on his toned body, compact, muscular. And yes, it must be said, there is something about him overall-- maybe the confident way he stands, the way he holds himself-- that makes him strangely, undeniably hot.

The crush that Gwenevere, aka Gwen or Gee Four, has on Kass plays out in interesting ways, including on her long-time crush from her hometown.